WHITE LIE by Calvin Thomas & Yonah Lewis Receives a 4-Star Rating from The Globe and Mail / by Karen Harnisch

Elevator Pitch: 50/50 meets Election

Of all cinematic expeditions to the dark places from which ugliness takes root, Canadian actor Kacey Rohl’s portrayal of Katie, a young girl who resolutely fakes a cancer diagnosis, feels particularly menacing, threatening, even, insomuch as dishonesty is something we’ve all taken part in. Powered by delusions of her own diligent creation and the desperate wish for an identity that makes her special, Katie conceives one little lie after another, her unrelenting stamina for deceit an awakening as to the lengths we’ll go to maintain charades of fulfillment. Rohl’s ability to play a character so committed to hideousness without playing a villain, per se, is an incredible feat of showcasing the complicated scramble that is being alive. White Lie is maddening in its ceaseless chicanery and cautionary in its plausibility — while many of us have never faked having a serious illness, we’ve all found ourselves in too deep at some point or another, perpetuating our own hamster wheels of disgrace. As much about deception as it is the fear of being forsaken, White Lie unfurls to become an unexpected empathy inquest. – Carly Lewis

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